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on the pilot guiding that ship. the policy that may be holding up. and hope is raised in the final hours for a guy scout seeking his eagle rank. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it's monday, january 8. i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. authorities in contra costa county are investigating a deadly confrontation involving a tenant and a thief. police say that a home burglary ended with the resident fatally stabbing the intruder. this is our top story. tonight, jana katsuyama is live in pittsburgh to tell us what happened. >> reporter: we've been out here all day, and you can see across the street that a police car is still parked there. they are monitoring this scene and they tell me that they are questioning two people who might be connected with the intruder who was killed.
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the apartment complex that we're talking about is right across the street there on the first floor right at the intersection of leland road and harbor street. police put up yellow tape at the villa serina apartment complex today. they say at about 10:20 this morning, it appears an intruder was trying to break into a home. >> it appears to be an interrupted burglary. an individual most likely thought no one was home. >> reporter: police say a man was inside the apartment, heard someone fiddling with his front door and saw a stranger trying to break in. >> he reached back to his bedroom and retrieves a loaded firearm. by the time he makes it back to the front door, he's confronted by the suspect who is in front of his house. >> reporter: investigators say there was a scuffle. the resident dropped his gun and the intruder also dropped a gun which police later determined to be a replica. the resident then picked up a knife and fatally stabbed an intruder in the neck. a woman and child lived there
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but weren't at home at the time. neighbors say they are shocked by the violence. >> i didn't hear nothing. i didn't hear anything. >> are they usually quiet over there? >> yeah, they're quiet. every now and then you hear the kid playing around but that's about it. >> reporter: tonight, i've learned from police that the intruder who was killed was a 54-year-old pittsburgh man who police say had an extensive criminal history, including burglary and theft. they also tell me at this point they don't believe that the resident will be charged. it appears he was acting in self defense. reporting live in pittsburgh, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. a 19-year-old pleaded not guilty to murder charges in a san francisco court today in connection with a deadly crash on new year's day. david morales is accused of shooting at three people and fleeing police before crashing at 21st street and south van ness. the impact of his crash killed two people and seriously injured a third. an oakland mother is asking for help looking for her run away son who has the mental capacity of an 11-year-old.
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here's 15-year-old charles anderson. he's big for his age. he's 5' 11, and weighs 230 pounds. his mother and step father say charles left his home sunday afternoon after they argued about him going to see a friend. his mother says she has checked with friends and family and he's not with them. there are questions tonight about whether fbi investigators are on the right track in a new search for more victims of the speed freak killers. crews continued for a second day excavating a well in san joaquin county. the well was identified after six months of investigation, including interviews with one of the killers. but a map drawn by shermantine apparently points to another well. bounty hunters say they were told there are several wells where victims' bodies were dumped. investigators bordered an oil tanker anchored in san francisco bay today hoping to find out why it collided with a
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fender at the base of the bay bridge tower. they're also examining the ship's records and assessing the integrity of the ship's hull. the agency says ultimately, responsibility lies with the pilot. >> the captains of the vessels themselves are responsible, really, for the safe navigation of their own vessel. >> the national transportation safety board is also looking into yesterday's incident, including the role of the coast guard vessel traffic service, which has the authority to direct ships. the coast guard says it could take months to analyze all the data. more details here on that pilot of the tanker, guy kleess. records show he was involved in three previous incidents. in 2009, he was found responsible for grounding a vessel in the sacramento river and also struck a duck at the stockton port and was ordered to undergo more training and was reportedly involved in another grounding in 2010. he lost his mariner's license for a few months in 2010 because of an undisclosed medical
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condition. there are many unanswered questions about the conditions the bar pilot was working under when the mishap happened. but obtaining information from the bar pilots association isn't easy. >> reporter: we've learned captain guy kleess had 30 hours off duty before the ship hit the bay bridge. they work under unquestioned stress, fog, tides, huge ships with small margins for error. but the bar pilot association refuses to release logs of working hours and time off. >> what it that they have to hide? i think they got it pretty good. >> reporter: mike jacob of the shipping association says the 55 men and one woman who guides ships in and out of the bay are certainly skilled. big ships must hire them and bar pilots are indemnified for liability from mistakes. they all take their own navigation device on board. >> which is an independent gps system, so that we're able to gain information, other than relying on what the ship's
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information is. >> reporter: a supposedly fail-safe measure to avoid collisions. we've learned captain guy kleess had 22 years commanding tankers in confined waters. in the last seven years, 1100 trips in the bay. bar pilots work seven days on, seven off, and earn $450,000 a year. >> i think people would be shocked to know how little they work for how much money they make, and that we still have incidents and we still can't help police ourselves. >> reporter: the shipping association sued the bar pilots commission last summer demanding release of the pilots' logs. the court agreed, but the bar pilots have now appealed telling me late today that those data are private and personal. they also declined an on-camera interview. ktvu channel 2 news. >> investigators say the visibility at the time of the accident was about one quarter mile. we went to the california maritime academy where instructors showed us a simulator that recreated what
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the bridge would look like half a mile away under conditions similar to yesterday. we could not see the bridge at all. go to for additional coverage, including a link allowing you to track the overseas reymar. that and more in the hot topics section. governor jerry brown spoke publicly about his prostate cancer diagnosis and his long-term outlook. >> i'm ready to go, and don't expect me to leave too soon [laughing]. >> the governor said he's completed radiation treatment for localized early stage prostate cancer. news of the illness was announced last month. he underwent treatment over the holidays. the governs and his doctors say his prognosis is good. meantime, governor brown is challenging a federal court order forcing california to reduce its state prison population. at a news conference in sacramento, the governor said the court order is no longer needed. governor brown says the state has done all it can to relieve
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overcrowding and improve health care for inmates. in sacramento, lawmakers are reviewing two republican-sponsored bills which seeks to freeze tuition at california public universitys and colleges. it would last through the duration of the voter approved proposition 30, a state wide tax increase expectd to generate $30 million a year. a boy has lost his appeal for eagle scout, and his family says it's because he's guy. four people on the review that reviewed his case signed the application. but this morning, ryan learned he would not be getting the final signature he needed from national headquarters. in a statement, the boy scouts of america said the application was denied because ryan did not agree to scouting's principal of duty to god. >> the only explanation i could come up with would be that, that somehow or another they decided that anybody that's guy,
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therefore, does not subscribe to a duty to god. i don't know. >> close to 500,000 people signed an online petition urging the boy scouts of america to change its policies. aluminum giant alcoa kicked off earnings season on wall street with impressive results this afternoon. the company reported a profit of 6 cents per share in its latest quarter, up from a 3 cent loss one year ago. alcoa is also forecasting higher demand this year. the first company in the dow industrials to report 4th quarter earnings. on wall street, the dow was down 55, and the nasdaq down 57. shares of boeing dropped 3.6% today after another problem on one of its 787 dream liners. officials reported a fuel leak on a japan airline 787. just yesterday, a fire broke out in the belly of a different 787 dream liner that had just arrived from tokyo.
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the cabin filled with smoke just minutes after passengers got off the plane. they're a big hit in san francisco. now more so-called curb cafes are coming to san jose. city leaders approved the pilot program today allowing restaurants to expand onto sidewalks and build patios for outdoor seatings. the restaurant vs to pay about $20,000 to widen the sidewalks. they like the idea of bringing european flare to the south bay. >> it has the energy of chicago but doesn't have the density of it. >> if this pilot program is a success, the city's expected to open a city-wide application process for more curb cafes next year. a twist of political theater today in the swearing in of new san francisco supervisors. ahead in three minutes, the sudden turnaround by two board members vying for one coveted position. a spokesman for the oakland
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unified school district says a flood has shut down the headquarters for at least a week. a district spokesperson tells us someone accidentally left a tap on in a custodian's closet overnight. the building was flooded by hundreds of gallons of water causing significant damage. the 150 employees will work from home for the rest of this week. ahead tonight, the new plan to cap the number of visitors. >> an abandoned house in a million dollar neighborhood, why neighbors say you can't even see the worst of it from the street. >> cold, unsettled weather is heading to the bay area. coming up, how much rain i expect we'll get, and just how low our temperatures will go. alright let's break it down.
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car crash in san francisco. police tell us it happened about 2:00 p.m. on south van ness avenue. witnesses report that the red suv struck a few vehicles, some of which are city-owned. there's the suv. the street was closed about an hour during the investigation. at this point, no word on any injuries. san francisco supervisors were sworn into office today, and a new board president was elected. david stephenson tells us there was a call for new leadership but in the end, not much changed. >> congratulations. >> reporter: minutes after a san francisco judge today swore in two new and nine returning supervisor, the jockeying for power began. >> having not had a woman lead this board, i want to put forward today. >> i'd like to nominate supervisor jane kim, also a tenacious, strong, vibrant woman of color. >> reporter: leah cohen, an african-american, and jane kim, a korean-american, nominated each other against chiu.
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they hope to reshape the public's notion about gender, race and leadership of this board. >> it usually is decided behind the scenes. today was still up for grabs on the day of the vote. >> leadership, lives and breathes inside all of us. >> reporter: the last female board president served from 1997 to 1999. political analysts say it quickly became clear, neither woman could muster the six votes needed today to take the slot. >> mr. president, i'd like to respectfully withdraw my nomination. >> reporter: audience members groaned as both women withdrew their nominations before the vote. >> i hope they weren't disappointed but rather inspired and will become more gnled in the process. >> it was important that we put the dialogue out there. it's something a lot of different groups have brought forward with having a female president. >> reporter: the final vote gave david chiu a third term as board president. in san francisco, david
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stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. san francisco animal control and welfare commissioner is scheduled to meet to find ways to keep people from feeding wild life in the city, such as birds and squirrels. it's rarely enforced, and commissioners are saying they're considering several different tracks, including outreach, education, more signs and maybe stiffer fines. officials could begin limiting the number of visitors to yosemite park. it will cap the number of daily visitors at 19,900. that's roughly the number of visitors the park sees right now. the plan would also ban mule rentals and commercial rafting on the river and shut down the winter time curry village ice rink. america's cup officials have dropped plans for a warm up regadda on new york's hudson river this summer. the race would have been too close to the july 4 start of the
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luis vitton cup on san francisco bay. they will face orracle team usa in america's cup. oracle team usa received a crucial shipment today. the boat's old wing was damaged in october when it capsized during an america's cup training run. oracle says the repairs are expected to be complete early next month. antioch police are searching for four men accused of robbing a gas station on lone tree way this morning. police say four men in their 20s stormed in and grabbed cases of beer. the clerk says the men kicked and punched them when he confronted them. the clerk tells us he was shaken up but is otherwise doing okay. it was another day of dramatic testimony in a preliminary hearing against colorado movie theater suspect, james holmes. the suspects played two of the 9-1-1 calls they received on that night.
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on one of them, the detective said he counted 30 gun shots in the background. the other call came from a sobbing 13-year-old who saw her two cousins get shot. the fbi described the booby traps found in his apartment. they included three ignition systems and improvised napalm. in arizona, the mayor of tuscon rang a bell to mark the second anniversary of the shooting at a political meet and greet that left six people dead and 12 others injured, including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she and her husband today launched a political action committee aimed to raise mon tow support gun control efforts. the site and smell of an abandoned home in burlingame has neighbors demanding action from the city tonight. it's an eye sore that's been years in the making. >> . >> reporter: from the front of the house on channing road, you can see junk piled up to the windows. a neighbor's view of the backyard reveals a rusted out car, broken water heater and a
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sinking roof. >> the previous owner just packed up one day. >> reporter: bruce bettincourt lives next door and says the house has been abandoned for six years. in that time, the neighbors have documented the mess from rats to a dead raccoon. >> i've had the county out here and they said it's a health hazard but nothing gets done. >> reporter: the eye sore has been so offensive for so long, the next door neighbor planted these giant hedges so he wouldn't have to look at it every day. >> the homes are quite valuable, and we're stuck with this. >> reporter: neighbors say there's been an ongoing dispute over the property between the two listed owners, michael o'brien, and his step son, john quillian. we couldn't reach them today but the city says it has been contacted by quillian who says he plans to move back in. >> when i pass it, it just makes me sad. >> reporter: in this neighborhood of million-dollar homes, some wish the owners would take the money and run. >> all they have to do is sell that and they'd make tons of money. >> reporter: instead you're sitting here holding the bag. >> the whole neighborhood is,
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yeah. it's an eye sore. >> reporter: the city manager told us code enforcement can only regulate what it sees from the seat and can't go inside the house. the city is now talking to outside counsel to see if they can do anything else to force the owners to clean up their property. in burlingame, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. 2012 was the hottest year on record ever. the national climactic data center in north carolina says last year's temperature was a full degree warmer than the old record set in 1998. the records are broken in fractions, not a whole degree. the high temperatures in a drought were brutal on crops. experts point to climate change and la nina weather pattern as the reason for the heat. it's the kind of tour that the real fans never get old. coming up, the proof you can now see for yourself that the san francisco giants are world champions. our meteorologist rosemary orozco is tracking a chance of more wet weather. tune in tomorrow to find out which areas are more likely for
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showers and a deeper chill coming later this week. if you're on the go or just away from your tv, you can still watch ktvu newscastos your computer, smart phone or tablet. to get the app go to you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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>> dozens of fires are raging across southeastern australia as they near triple digit temperatures. more than 100 homes have burned on the island of tasmania where 100 people are missing. the heat there the past week has broken records exceeding 115 degrees. here in the bay area, we're at about half that, aren't we? >> yeah, we are looking at cold weather coming our way. we saw a fairly nice day, upper 50s, low 60s out there, dry conditions. that's going to change. although this system is not going to bring us a lot of rain, it will bring us chilly weather and our snow levels will be dropping. a look at temperatures in the mid-40s to low 50s, partly to mostly cloudy skies, the fog really held on today and you were actually cooler today than you were 24 hours ago, but most of us saw a nice little bump in our temperatures this afternoon. the satellite radar showing you again midand high level clouds beginning to spill in. they've been with us most of the day, and will continue to
7:25 pm
increase. the system is on the back edge of this ridge that's been over us the last couple of days giving us that nice weather. here's what you can expect. as we get into tonight, the increasing clouds, and tomorrow morning, we'll wake up to partly to mostly cloudy skies. this will help us in the way of fog. not going to bring in that patchy dense fog and allow it to develop in most cases, it won't be as wide spread and will offset that cooling we'll get overnight. hopefully for most of us, not as cold. but that will change. we do have this system rolling through, it's wednesday, 3:00 in the afternoon. did you see that? it sort of slipped through, fell apart as it did, but this is when we will get our best chance at maybe a few scattered showers with all that gray, and behind it is when the cold air is going to come in. thursday afternoon, still a little bit unsettled. we're still seeing a few pockets of rain pop in now and again. the latest model is showing us pretty much dry conditions, but this is what we're looking at. cool, cloudy, breezy tomorrow. chance for showers in the afternoon. less than a 10th of an inch is what i'm expecting rain-wise.
7:26 pm
so not a lot. thursday, the cooler air is coming in behind it. snow levels down to about 1500 feet, where we will see snow. so not a lot of moisture there, but we may get a dusting on some of our hills. overnight lows tomorrow morning, upper 30s to low to mid-40s, and for the afternoon, 55 in nevada, 57 in berkeley, mid-50s, san francisco, 55 for mountainview 56 in morgan hill. look at friday, afternoon highs struggling to get out of the 40s in some cases, low 50s in the forecast. the weekend partly cloudy and slightly milder. >> thank you. giants fans are getting ready to do it all over again. the 2012 world series championship trophy tour began today in sacramento, and the 2010 trophy is with it. the trophy tour will make several stops in california as well as oregon, arizona, and even new york city. fans can take a photo and get an upclose look, no charge. the team is accepting donations
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for the junior giants league. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news break. i'm gasia mikaelian, and our coverage will continue with the 10:00 news. tmz is up next on tv 36.
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